Whether you're planning a new project that could fundamentally reshape the way that you do business (or just smooth out a part of it), or you need some updates to an existing application, I can help.

New Applications

I've built projects from the ground up, including including planning, designing, coding, and testing. This involves diving deep into the processes that make a business work, and then writing the processes and rules into code that ties everything together. Sometimes these are obvious, but sometimes this uncovers concepts that have gone unwritten or unacknowledged for years!

Existing Applications

I've also spent many years working in existing (sometimes called "legacy") applications. These are the kind of projects that businesses depend on day-to-day and can't break, but may have often been neglected because "they just work". Just like a car, though, software needs periodic maintenance or the edges and seams will start to fray.


Regardless of the application, strong & compassionate communication is the key to any projects success. I work hard to commicate topics clearly so that you can keep up to date with a project's status and issues without feeling like you need a degree in computer programming.



I've used languages as diverse as Scheme, C, C++, Java, Objective-C, Perl, Ruby and Go, to name a few, but these days I work mostly in Javascript and PHP.


I love working with Laravel whenever possible, but I've also worked with Slim. I also have years and years of experience working with "no framework" web applications in PHP, and I've succcessfully updated several large apps to run on Laravel.

"Soft Skills"

I've worked within teams of programmers and I'm managed teams of programmers, including code reviews, pair programming and merge request reviews. I've worked with "stakehodlers" to identify the key features and specifications of projects, and then also to troubleshoot issues and refine features as they take shape. I always approach communication with teams and stakeholders with respect for their time and experience, and compassion for the fact that they might not be technical users.

Other Skills

Ready for the alphabet soup? MySQL, git, macOS, Debian, CentOS, MariaDB, CI/CD, HTML, GitLab, and on and on...